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Twenty villages West Africa to receive solar-power water pumping, purifying water, irrigating crops- WorldWater® & Solar

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WorldWater® & Solar Technologies, America’s longest continuing solar co. & an NGO will supply West Africa's Burkina Faso solar-powered water pumping systems


World Water® and NGO to Supply Burkina Faso with Solar Power and Clean Water

Twenty villages in Burkina Faso will receive solar-powered water pumping systems for purifying water and irrigating crops from WorldWater® & Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWST), America’s longest continuing solar technology company. WWST and the not-for-profit organization Community Building Group – West Africa (CBG-WA) through its “Give Water Give Life” program, are combining to transform a water recycling and irrigation pilot project currently underway into a program to deliver solar power and clean water at scale to villages across Burkina Faso.

The two organizations will deliver WWST’s Mobile MaxClear™ (MMC) units to the villages in Burkina Faso, the landlocked West African nation. The MMC™ units will be used to pump and purify water from local wells, located using satellite imagery, and rainwater catchment basins. WWST will also supply solar lighting for the village schools.

“Rainwater Catchment Basins are the solution for the dry lands of Africa where lack of water is devastating,” said Kathleen McDonald, President of Community Building Group. “Begun in the country of Burkina Faso, the CBG Give Water Give Life program combines indigenous knowledge with current technology (satellite imagery and solar-powered energy) to provide water year-round. This creates sustainable communities because each villager participates in the development, construction, use and maintenance. The average cost is affordable at $45 per person served.”

The water will be pumped to irrigate crops and will be purified for safe human consumption. WWST’s MMC, which is available on the US General Services Administration (GSA), provides instant standalone water infrastructure for both pumping and purifying water in rural areas using only the power of the sun. Enclosed in a trailer designed for ease of assembly, disassembly, and transportation, the MMC unit is capable of pumping and purifying up to 37,000 liters of water from wells, rivers, lakes, and other sources of water, starting within 15 minutes of arrival on site. The MMC converts solar power into electricity, which can be used for pumping and purifying water as well as powering lights, tools and equipment.

CBG-WA has determined that the MMC units will be stationed at central locations, often the village schools, where they will create a hub to supply the local people with access to power, light, and clean water. The same MMC units can be instantly redeployed to areas requiring irrigation.

“What may seem like a simple project will revitalize the villages that received them in ways we cannot even begin to put into words,” said David Hammes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for WWST. “Having readily available access to clean water will allow the women and girls of the village to go to school for the first time, instead of hiking kilometers daily to find, collect, and carry back water for drinking and washing. In addition to supporting the education of women, the ability to irrigate crops using WWST’s technology will empower women to undertake agricultural ventures and allow the villagers to produce three times the harvests they have historically produced.”

About WorldWater® & Solar Technologies
Since 1984, WorldWater® has provided viable solutions for solar electric power and water crises globally, including patented solar-powered systems that can provide electric power as well as pump hundreds of thousands of gallons per day from lakes, rivers and deep wells for irrigation and municipal water supply. The company also produces and installs standalone, portable water filtration technologies that convert sea water and up to 30,000 gallons of polluted fresh water into clean water per day for drinking, cooking and hygiene.

David Hammes, VP-Sales and Marketing
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David Hammes, Vice President
WorldWater and Solar Technologies
+1 609 356 0372
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