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PPEAA Spearheads Innovation, Collaboration, and Sustainable Growth in the Agricultural Landscape



Worldfood Moscow 2018

Worldfood Moscow 2018

“Azerbaijani Pomegranate” lapel badge

“Azerbaijani Pomegranate” lapel badge

"PPEAA: Cultivating Success in Azerbaijani Pomegranate Exports"

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN, December 7, 2023 / -- The Azerbaijan Pomegranate Producers and Exporters Association (PPEAA) was established in November 2016 as part of the President's broader initiative to bolster the agricultural sector. One distinctive advantage of the Azerbaijan Pomegranate Producers and Exporters Association (PPEAA) lies in its holistic and collaborative approach to the pomegranate industry, fostering a thriving ecosystem that benefits both its members and the sector at large. This advantage is characterized by several key pillars: Which eliminated the existing problems in this field, carried out agrotechnical education in the area of development of pomegranate growing and held meetings with local and foreign experts in this field and gained high experience.

The history of Azerbaijan is inseparably linked to the culture of pomegranate cultivation. Traditionally, pomegranates have been cultivated in almost every region of Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani climate stands out for its uniqueness: nine of the Earth's eleven climatic zones exist in Azerbaijan. As pomegranates are typically grown in a semi-arid mild-temperate to subtropical climate and naturally adapt to regions with mild winters and hot summers, they are a widely cultivated and consumed fruit in this country.

The total area of pomegranate orchards in Azerbaijan is around 24,000 hectares. Among the economic regions producing pomegranates, Chehrayi Gulovsha, Bala Mursal, Azerbaijani Guloysha, Nazik Qabiq, Valas, Iri gila, and other varieties are cultivated in the Ganja-Gazakh and Aran economic regions. The best pomegranate varieties are 800–1,000 grams and the average weight is 200–400 grams. The productivity of pomegranate varieties is not the same. Varieties of pomegranates such as Mahsati, Bala Mursal, and Chehrayi qabiq have the highest productivity.

Comprehensive Support Services: PPEAA's commitment goes beyond conventional association roles. It provides a wide array of support services, from promoting high-tech agricultural practices to facilitating organic fertilization methods. By addressing every stage of the production process, from cultivation to post-harvest activities, PPEAA ensures that its members receive comprehensive assistance.

Global Market Exploration: The association's proactive stance on diversifying export markets sets it apart. By actively exploring markets in Germany, France, Latvia, Poland, the United States, and Canada, PPEAA is not only expanding opportunities for its members but also contributing to the global recognition of Azerbaijani pomegranates. This forward-looking international strategy creates a competitive advantage in an increasingly interconnected world.

Strategic Partnerships and Networking: PPEAA's emphasis on collaboration, both domestically and internationally, establishes a strong network of partnerships. Whether through joint activities with local producers or international collaborations with certifiers, foreign producers, and organizations, PPEAA creates synergies that amplify the impact of its initiatives. This interconnected network becomes a valuable resource for knowledge exchange, market insights, and mutual support.

Educational Initiatives: The association's commitment to education and skill development provides a unique advantage. By offering courses, workshops, and practical assistance, PPEAA ensures that its members are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in pomegranate production and processing. This focus on continuous learning not only enhances the capabilities of individual producers but elevates the industry as a whole.

Government and State Support: PPEAA's strategic alignment with government initiatives and policies, as evidenced by its activities stemming from presidential decrees, positions it as a key player in the national agricultural agenda. This collaboration not only opens avenues for export promotion and participation in international exhibitions but also signifies a strong backing from relevant state agencies. This support creates a stable and conducive environment for the association and its members.

Transparent Communication and Public Engagement: The association's commitment to transparency, as reflected in its communication strategy with the media and the public, builds trust and credibility. By regularly informing the public about its activities and actively participating in social projects, PPEAA establishes itself as a socially responsible entity, garnering positive attention and support from various stakeholders.

Starting in 2016, the association has contributed to the development of the pomegranate industry in Azerbaijan and to wider exports to foreign markets. Its activities include production under the "Made in Azerbaijan" brand, uniting local producers under a single banner, providing assistance to association members, and providing consulting services to exporters.

In December 2018, the "Azerbaijan Pomegranate" badge was established by the Association with the consent of the office of the President of Azerbaijan. The main purpose of this badge is to reward persons who have contributed to and served in the development of pomegranate growing, and Association activity in Azerbaijan.

In summary, PPEAA's advantage lies in its ability to create a holistic ecosystem that supports every facet of the pomegranate industry. From technical expertise to global market outreach and collaborative networks, the association's multifaceted approach positions it as a leader in driving sustainable growth, innovation, and prosperity for its members and the broader agricultural community in Azerbaijan.

Alfred Neoman
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